Feb. 24th, 2008


Feb. 24th, 2008 09:54 pm
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 My mom went outside and saw the neighbor's house across the street had smoke coming from her gutters. She asked me if I would look. I thought she was crazy, but looked anyway. I'll be... it looked like a little bit of smoke was coming from her gutters! I walked closer and smelled it. I walked up the million steps to her front door to see if I could see smoke inside. Nope, but the dog was there; mean dog. I told my mom to call 911. In the less than five minutes it took the firemen to get there, the smoke had built up enough that there was no doubt that there was a fire.

They broke through the basement window and the front door. They pulled some clothes and some plastic out of the basement window and hosed it down. If you're wondering about the dog, they let her out into the fenced back yard to stay out of trouble. She was freaking out. All this time, no one could get ahold of the owner.

In true South St. Louis fashion, about 30 people were gathered around. People brought their kids up from down the street to come see. It was around 30 degrees out, by the way. We finally got the story of what happened. The owner left her dryer on while she went out and the uncleaned lint trap caught fire. Eventually she came home and my mom told her what happened. She gave my mom a huge hug and thanked her for saving her house. There was no damage other than the front door and basement window. And the dryer and clothes, of course.

So all it well. Let that be a lesson y'all! Don't leave the house with your dryer going! And for goodness sakes, clean your lint traps! Those things are always starting fires.


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